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Volume 27, Number 4 • October 2014




Baylor University Medical Center Proceedings

The peer-reviewed journal of the Baylor Health Care System 



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Original Articles


Acute myelogenous leukemia at Baylor Charles A. Sammons Cancer Center, 2010 to 2012: retrospective analysis of molecular genetic evaluation

C. Jones, T. V. LeDay, and A. M. Miller



Evaluation of epidural analgesia for open major liver resection surgery from a US inpatient sample

E. B. Rosero, G. S. Cheng, K. P. Khatri, and G. P. Joshi



Case reports published by residents of Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center, Lubbock, 2008–2013

D. Buscemi, E. Argueta, and K. Nugent



Abstracts from the First Annual Baylor Scott and White Surgery Research Day

J. S. Thomas and R. C. Mahabir, editors



Review Article


Diagnosing and managing low serum testosterone

A. M. Rivas, Z. Mulkey, J. Lado-Abeal, and S. Yarbrough



Case Studies


Syncope secondary to second-degree atrioventricular block with donepezil use

A. Hundae, A. Afzal, M. D. Assar, and J. M. Schussler



Lupus myopericarditis as a preceding stressor for Takotsubo cardiomyopathy

L. Chhabra, N. Khalid, J. Kluger, and D. H. Spodick



Nontraumatic intracerebral hemorrhage unassociated with arterial aneurysmal rupture as a cause of sudden unexpected death

C. C. Roberts, G. J. Snipes, J. M. Ko, W. C. Roberts, and J. M. Guileyardo



Postoperative electrocardiogram in a man with the Marfan syndrome

D. L. Glancy, V. N. Lathia, H. A. Heck, M. Singh, and M. J. Ali



Angiolymphoid hyperplasia with eosinophilia

P. Chitrapu, M. Patel, A. Readinger, and A. Menter



Clear cell carcinoma of the ovary associated with increased risk of venous thrombosis

V. Podduturi and J. M. Guileyardo



An intravascular lymphoma with extravascular tendencies

C. A. Thomas, J. M. Guileyardo, and J. R. Krause



Primary splenic sarcoidosis

K. P. Sreelesh, M. L. Arun Kumar, and T. M. Anoop



Posttransplant lymphoproliferative disorder presenting as a small bowel obstruction in a patient with pancreas transplantation alone

C. R. Kruel, R. M. Ruiz, S. M. Shiller, T. L. Anthony, R. M. Goldstein, P. T. W. Kim, M. F. Levy, G. J. McKenna, N. Onaca, G. Testa, and G. B. Klintmalm



Painful periostitis in the setting of chronic voriconazole therapy

M. Skaug, C. Spak, and U. Oza





Functional electrical stimulation for incomplete spinal cord injury

C. Fazio



Complete binasal hemianopia

B. T. Bryan, H. D. Pomeranz, and K. H. Smith



Orbital liposarcoma masquerading as a hemangioma

I. Vrcek, R. N. Hogan, and G. Gilliland



Reversal of liver function without exchange transfusion in sickle cell intrahepatic cholestasis

N. Hosiriluck, S. Rassameehiran, E. Argueta, and L. Tijani



Mach band sign: an optical illusion

R. Panikkath and D. Panikkath



Interview, Book Review, and Editorials


Joseph Manuel Guileyardo, MD: a conversation with the editor

J. M. Guileyardo and W. C. Roberts



Gluten sensitivity: new epidemic or new myth?

D. T. Nash and A. R. Slutzky



Notes on a stroke

Allen B. Weisse



Book review: Houston Hearts

William C. Roberts



From the Editor


Facts and ideas from anywhere

William C. Roberts





Clinical research studies enrolling patients

Acknowledgment of contributors

Avocations: Photograph by Dr. Solis

Baylor news

Selected published abstracts of Baylor researchers






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