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Volume 27, Number 3 • July 2014


Baylor University Medical Center Proceedings

The peer-reviewed journal of the Baylor Health Care System 



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Multipatient Studies


Use of the bootstrap method to develop a physical fitness test for public safety officers who serve as both police officers and firefighters

J. Adams, D. Cheng, J. Lee, T. Shock, K. Kennedy, and S. Pate



Physical therapy–driven quality improvement to promote early mobility in the intensive care unit

C. L. Harris and S. Shahid



Comparison of patients rehospitalized for heart failure with versus without a history of habitual alcohol consumption

R. Panikkath, N. Suvorava, N. Ngo, D. Panikkath, S. Y. Lim, E. Umyarova, and G. Meyerrose




Case Studies


Basilar artery thrombosis in the setting of antiphospholipid syndrome

A. F. Saad, L. T. Nickell, R. E. Heithaus, S. A. Shamim, M. J. Opatowsky, and K. F. Layton



Spinal cord ependymoma presenting with neurological deficits in the setting of trauma

A. F. Saad, L. T. Nickell, S. S. Finn, and M. J. Opatowsky



Ganglioglioma and migraine headache

A. F. Saad, K. F. Layton, S. S. Finn, and M. J. Opatowsky



Intracranial hypertension and intracranial hypotension causing headache in the same patient

R. Panikkath, J. Welker, R. Johnston, and J. Lado-Abeal



The alien hand syndrome

R. Panikkath, D. Panikkath, D. Mojumder, and K. Nugent



Pregnancy-associated systemic lupus erythematosus

Rahime Nida Ergin



Multiorgan dysfunction related to chronic ketamine abuse

J. M. Pappachan, B. Raj, S. Thomas, and F. W. Hanna



High-intensity cardiac rehabilitation training of a firefighter after placement of an implantable cardioverter-defibrillator

J. Adams, S. DeJong, J. K. Arnett, K. Kennedy, J. O. Franklin, and R. F. Berbarie



Electrocardiogram in a 28-year-old woman with dyspnea on exertion

D. L. Glancy and F. A. Lopez



Fat in the ventricular septum

E. E. Donaldson, J. M. Ko, J. J. Kuiper, T. Chamogeorgakis, and W. C. Roberts



Sudden flare of rheumatoid arthritis associated with newly diagnosed atrial flutter

M. Vaduganathan and J. N. Auslander



Adult T-cell leukemia/lymphoma

R. L. Graham, M. Burch, and J. R. Krause



Malignant rhabdoid tumor of the kidney arising in an adult patient

V. Podduturi, M. M. Campa-Thompson, X. J. Zhou, and J. M. Guileyardo



Spontaneous complete remission of angioimmunoblastic T-cell lymphoma

M. S. Humeniuk, J. J. Liang, M. Howard, and D. J. Inwards



Myeloid sarcoma as the presenting symptom of chronic myelogenous leukemia blast crisis

R. A. Levy, M. A. Mardones, M. M. Burch, and J. R. Krause






Acute lymphocytic leukemia with superimposed invasive aspergillosis and pneumopericardium successfully treated with voriconazole

C. L. Alviar, B. Doherty, and M. Vaduganathan



Clinical and morphologic findings in disseminated Scedosporium apiospermum infections in immunocompromised patients

M. M. Campa-Thompson, J. A. West, J. M. Guileyardo, C. W. Spak, L. M. Sloan, and S. G. Beal



Leptospirosis with acute liver injury

J. Wysocki, Y. Liu, and N. Shores



Torus palatinus

M. Vaduganathan, A. E. Marciscano, and K. R. Olson



Interview, Book Review, and Editorials


James Walter Fleshman Jr., MD: a conversation with the editor

J. W. Fleshman Jr. and W. C. Roberts



Gluten free-dom: my journey to becoming an unintentional expert

Anne M. Hoyt



Book review: Salt Sugar Fat

John M. Pogue



Myron G. Sandifer Jr.: 1943 valedictorian and student body president at Davidson College

S. Robert Lathan




From the Editor


Facts and ideas from anywhere

William C. Roberts






Clinical research studies enrolling patients

Avocations: Poem by Dr. Khan

Avocations: Photograph by Dr. Solis

Avocations: Photograph by Dr. Rosenthal

Baylor news

Reader comments. Environmental cleaning behavior: embedding and spreading best practice (K. Walsh, with response by L. Ramphal); Is coronary vasospasm really the cause of Takotsubo syndrome? (J. E. Madias)





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