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Volume 28, Number 2 • April 2015

Baylor University Medical Center Proceedings

The peer-reviewed journal of the Baylor Health Care System 


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Original Articles


Antibiotic utilization improvement with the Nanosphere Verigene Gram-Positive Blood Culture assay

S. G. Beal, C. Thomas, N. Dhiman, D. Nguyen, H. Qin, J. M. Hawkins, M. Dekmezian, R. Benavides, and J. Njoku



The SUCCESS model for laboratory performance and execution of rapid molecular diagnostics in patients with sepsis

M. Dekmezian, S. G. Beal, M. J. Damashek, R. Benavides, and N. Dhiman



Impact of the DASH diet on endothelial function, exercise capacity, and quality of life in patients with heart failure

L. Rifai, C. Pisano, J. Hayden, S. Sulo, and M. A. Silver



A survey-based analysis of symptoms in patients with postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome

A. Deb, K. Morgenshtern, C. J. Culbertson, L. B. Wang, and A. DePold Hohler



An interactive web-based project to stimulate internal medicine resident reading using board-type questions

M. Tuncel-Kara, E. A. Islam, H. Wang, J. Pelley, and K. Nugent



Review Article


The acute respiratory distress syndrome

A. M. Modrykamien and P. Gupta



Historical Article


History of neurologic examination books

C. J. Boes



Case Studies


Cecal adenocarcinoma presenting as colonic intussusception in adulthood

J. Gonzalez-Hernandez and F. Garcia



Large-volume barium aspiration

G. L. Hundemer, V. Kumar, and M. Vaduganathan



Effect of resection of an orbital arteriovenous malformation on central venous pressure

V. S. Starks, G. Gilliland, J. Hise, I. Thacker, and K. L. Layton



Acute nonrheumatic streptococcal myocarditis resembling ST-elevation acute myocardial infarction in a young patient

J. L. Aguirre, M. Jurado, M. Porres-Aguilar, C. Olivas-Chacon, M. Porres-Muñoz, D. Mukherjee, and J. Taveras



Invited commentary: What is the definition of SPAM? Even if you cannot define it, you must recognize it!

W. A. Schiavone



Cardiac arrhythmias during myocardial infarction

D. L. Glancy, P. Atluri, J. F. Rodriguez, and P. N. Subramaniam



Takotsubo cardiomyopathy associated with hyperthyroidism treated with thyroidectomy

S. Omar, E. Ali, H. Mazek, T. Mahmoud, S. Soontrapa, and J. Suarez



Ventricular tachycardic storm with a chronic total coronary artery occlusion treated with percutaneous coronary intervention

T. A. Mixon



Myocardial ischemic hyperacute T-wave oversensing leading to a defibrillator shock storm

L. Chhabra, N. Khalid, and J. Kluger



Usefulness of percutaneous closure of patent foramen ovale for hypoxia

A. G. Munkres, T. N. Ball, T. Chamogeorgakis, K. A. Ausloos, S. A. Hall, and J. W. Choi



Mitral stenosis and acute ST elevation myocardial infarction

J. Cardoz, K. Jayaprakash, and R. George



Effectiveness of exclusion of a persistent sciatic artery aneurysm with an Amplatzer plug

A. Lee, S. E. Hohmann, and W. P. Shutze



Immune thrombocytopenia associated with consumption of tonic water

F. D. Winter Jr.




Paraneoplastic cerebellar ataxia and the paraneoplastic syndromes

S. Afzal, M. Recio, and S. Shamim



Carcinoma of the lungs causing enlarged kidneys

W. Srisung, C. Mankongpaisarnrung, I. Warraich, D. Sotello, S. Yarbrough, and M. Laski



Mixed epithelial and stromal tumors of the kidney discovered incidentally at autopsy

V. Podduturi and J. M. Guileyardo



Superior sagittal sinus thrombosis as the initial presentation of renal cell carcinoma

M. P. Reddy, L. M. Gross, A. Moreland, and D. C. DeMarco



Hepatocellular carcinoma with extension to the heart via the inferior vena cava

M. Oncale and B. Lewis



Leprosy in a Texan

G. L. Vick, E. A. Tillman, and K. H. Fiala



Interview, Book Review, and Editorials


Alan Marshall Miller, MD, PhD: a conversation with the editor

A. M. Miller and W. C. Roberts



Probability and uncertainty in clinical and forensic medicine

J. M. Guileyardo



Experience as a physician to the Major League Baseball All-Stars series against Japan

J. D. Cantwell



Directions to a lost place: a parable for modern times

M. Davis



Book review: Users’ Guides to the Medical Literature

B. Warren



From the Editor

Facts and ideas from anywhere

W. C. Roberts




Clinical research studies enrolling patients

Avocations: Photograph by Dr. Khan

Avocations: Photograph by Dr. Solis

Baylor news

Reader comments: Lupus erythematosus flare-up and myopericarditis as triggers and comorbidities of takotsubo syndrome (J. E. Madias)

2014 publications of the Baylor medical and scientific staff

Selected published abstracts of Baylor researchers





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