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SangKon Oh, PhD



Adjunct Professor at

Baylor University

Waco, Texas




3434 Live Oak Street

Dallas, TX 75204

(214) 820-7474




BS, Pusan National University, Pusan, Korea

MS, Pusan National University, Pusan, Korea

PhD, Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, MD





Dr. SangKon Oh received his PhD degree at the Johns Hopkins University in 2000 and trained at National Cancer Center (NCI, NIH) as a postdoctoral fellow by 2002. He worked as an IPA fellow at NCI in association with the Johns Hopkins University from 2002 to 2005. Dr. Oh joined BIIR in 2005. He is also affiliated with Baylor University at Waco, TX, as an Associate Professor.


Dr. Oh’s laboratory studies on the molecular and immunological functions of DC surface receptors expressed on different subsets of human dendritic cells in healthy and patients. Dr. Oh laboratory has uncovered novel immunological functions of several DC surface lectins, e.g. DC-ASGPR and LOX-1, in controlling host immune responses toward either immunity or tolerance. Dr. Oh’s laboratory has also discovered that monocytes and subsets of DCs in lupus patients express distinct patterns of surface receptors, which could help us understand the mechanisms in which DCs break B cell tolerance in lupus.


Dr. Oh’s researches will eventually help us design effective vaccines against cancers and microbial infections as well as immunotherapeutics for autoimmune diseases.





 Anti-DC-ASGPR antibody-based therapeutic approach for allergic asthma

American Asthma Foundation (15-0038)


Antibody-Based Combination Therapy against Prostate Cancer

DC-ASGPR as a Novel Target for Controlling GVHD and Allograft Rejection

National Institute of Allergy & Infectious Diseases (1R01AI105066)



Antibody-based combination immunotherapy against prostate cancer

American Cancer Society (RSG-12-075-01-LB)

01/01/12 – 12/31/15



PUBLICATIONS (total 43 from 2000 to 2012)

Key publications during the past 5 years (2009-2014)


1.    Dullaers, M., Li, D., Xu, Y., Ni, L., Gayet, I., Morita, R., Ueno, H., Palucka, A.K., Banchereau, J., and Oh, S.  (2009). A T cell-dependent mechanism for the induction of human mucosal homing immunoglobulin A-secreting plasmablasts.  Immunity.  30: 120-129.

2.    Ni, L., Gayet, I., Zurawski, S., Duluc, D., Flamar, A.L., Li, X.H., O'Bar, A., Clayton, S., Palucka, A.K. Zurawski, G., Banchereau, J., Oh, S. (2010). Concomitant activation and antigen uptake via human Dectin-1 results in potent antigen-specific CD8+ T cell responses. J. Immunol. 185: 3504-3513.

3.    Ueno, H., Schmitt, N., Klechevsky, E., Pedroza-Gonzalez, A., Matsui, T., Zurawski, G., Oh, S., Fay, J., Pascual, V., Banchereau, J., and Palucka, K. (2010). Harnessing human dendritic cell subsets for medicine. Immunol Rev. 234:199-212.

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7.    Romain, G., van Gulck, E., Epaulard, O., Oh, S., Li, D., Zurawski, G., Zurawski, S., Cosma, A., Adam, L., Chapon, C., Todorova, B., Banchereau, J., Dereuddre-Bosquet, N., Vanham, G., Le Grand, R., Martinon, F. (2012). CD34-derived dendritic cells transfected ex vivo with HIV-Gag mRNA induce polyfunctional T-cell responses in nonhuman primates. Eur J. Immunol. May, 2012.

8.    Joo, H, Coquery, C., Xue, Y., Gayet, I., Dillon, S., Punaro, M., Zurawski, G., Banchereau, J., Pascual, V., and Oh, S. (2012). Serum from patients with SLE instructs monocytes to promote IgG and IgA   plasmablast differentiation. J. Exp. Medicine. July, 2012.

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11.   Martirosyan, A., Ohne, Y., Degos, C., Gorvel, L., Moriyón, I., Oh, S., Gorvel, J.P. (2013). Lipopolysaccharides with acylation defects potentiate TLR4 signaling and shape T cell responses. PLoS One 8: e55117.

12.   Flamar AL, Xue Y, Zurawski SM, Montes M, King B, Sloan L, Oh S, Banchereau J, Levy Y, Zurawski G. (2013)  Targeting concatenated HIV antigens to human CD40 expands a broad repertoires of multifunctional CD4+ and CD8+ T cells. AIDS 27:2041-51.

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