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Novel Immunotherapies that Address Cancer, Autoimmune and Infectious Diseases

Over the past 15 years, the Baylor Institute for Immunology Research (BIIR) has been one of the pioneers in the field of immunotherapy and has become a recognized leader in dendritic cell (DC)-based vaccines. BIIR has advanced infrastructure to support the translation of research to the clinic, including a GMP manufacturing facility that enables the production of vaccines for clinical trials.

Researchers at BIIR have developed a novel DC-targeting fusion protein platform technology that has the potential to elicit the desired antigen-specific immune response to a wide range of cancer, autoimmune and infectious diseases. BIIR has leveraged this knowledge to produce next-generation therapeutic and prophylactic vaccines against cancers, HCV, HIV, TB and other intractable diseases. In addition, this technology is being deployed to induce immune tolerance to treat autoimmune disease and is currently being tested in a non-human primate model of MS.

Immunotherapies DC targeted Vaccines

A second immunotherapy platform developed at BIIR involves a modular “plug-and-play” technology for the creation of DC-targeting antibodies that are genetically fused to peptides or proteins. In addition to allowing rapid and efficient testing of novel constructs, this platform enables easy and robust manufacture of antibody candidates. The system can be deployed to generate antibodies against a wide range of immunological conditions, including, cancer, autoimmune and infectious disease, as well as allergy and inflammation.

Immunotherapeutics Novel Modular Platform

Using another technological approach has developed novel antibodies that target key receptors on DCs that favor tolerance over immunity. In vivo studies in mice and non-human primates show that these antibodies have the potential to induce tolerance to treat or prevent a wide range of autoimmune diseases and allergic conditions.

Immunotherapeutics DC Immune Tolerance

In addition, BIIR scientists have developed novel autologous vaccines, including one that entered the clinic in 2014 for the treatment of locally advanced, triple-negative breast cancer, and another for newly diagnosed pancreatic cancer.

Novel Immunotherapies in cancer Vaccine Research

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