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Volume 30, Number 4 • October 2017

Baylor University Medical Center Proceedings

The peer-reviewed journal of Baylor Scott & White Health 


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Original Research

Clinical uptake of antimicrobial stewardship recommendations following Nanosphere Verigene Blood Culture Gram-negative reporting

A. Belknap, D. S. Grosser, D. A. Hale, B. J. Lang, P. Colley, R. Benavides, and N. Dhiman


Percutaneous coronary intervention and inpatient mortality in patients with advanced chronic kidney disease presenting with acute coronary syndrome

B. Patel, M. Shah, R. Dusaj, S. Maynard, and N. Patel


Urinary metabolites in patients undergoing coronary catheterization via the radial versus femoral artery approach

A. Vasudevan, J. M. Schussler, J. I. Won, P. Ashcraft, I. Bolanos, M. Williams, T. Bottiglieri, C. E. Velasco, and P. A. McCullough


Evaluation of medication compliance for secondary prevention of acute coronary syndrome

D. Gill, E. A. Feldman, and K. Liu


Invited commentary: Turning guidelines into outcomes

J. Michel


Efficacy of acute care health care providers in cardiopulmonary resuscitation compressions in normal and obese adult simulation manikins

A. Tellson, H. Qin, K. Erwin, and S. Houston


Comparison of outcomes of laparoscopic Heller myotomy versus per-oral endoscopic myotomy for management of achalasia

S. G. Leeds, J. S. Burdick, G. O. Ogola, and E. Ontiveros



Usefulness of radium-223 in patients with bone metastases

N. Gupta, A. Devgan, I. Bansal, T. D. Olsavsky, S. Li, A. Abdelbaki, and Y. Kumar


Case Studies

Adrenal crisis and autoimmune polyglandular syndromes

Z. K. Freeland, R. Lueking, G. Tsai-Nguyen, T. Pan, and A. Mora Jr.


An unusual presentation of Tropheryma whipplei infection

T. Heavener, M. Thompson, C. Patel, L. Forrester, and D. Rawls


Endovascular therapy of axillary artery disease with drug-coated balloon angioplasty

S. J. Al’Aref, R. V. Swaminathan, and D. N. Feldman


Combined mitral and aortic valve stenosis caused by two different etiologies, rheumatic and congenital

W. C. Roberts and J. K. Dodderer


Combined atresia of one left-sided and one right-sided cardiac valve in a premature newborn

W. C. Roberts, A. C. Sing, and J. M. Guileyardo


Listen to the patient!

D. L. Glancy 




Breast implant–associated anaplastic large cell lymphoma

L. Keith, W. Herlihy, H. Holmes, and P. Pin


Epstein-Barr virus–positive diffuse large B-cell lymphoma

S. L. Murthy, M. A. Hitchcock, T. R. Endicott-Yazdani, J. T. Watson, and J. R. Krause


Lymphoblastic lymphoma of the palate

R. Nambiar, G. Narayanan, L. V. Soman, and N. Devi


Natural killer/T-cell lymphoma invading the orbit and globe

L. J. Lyons, I. Vrcek, M. Somogyi, K. Taheri, J. H. Admirand, S. Chexal, D. F. Loukas, and T. Nakra


Blastic plasmacytoid dendritic cell neoplasm following acquired erythropoietic protoporphyria

J. R. Krause, L. Baugh, A. Swink, and M. Burch


Sinonasal and laryngeal sarcoidosis

H. Edriss, J. Kelley, and J. Demke


Cavernous sinus syndrome

R. Nambiar and S. G. Nair


Multifocal sinonasal inverted papilloma with middle ear involvement

E. B. Haywood, C. Fuller, G. W. Hill III, F. Olobatuyi, and D. W. Clark


Congenital midline nasal anomalies

N. Vora, R. Kalagiri, B. Guillory, A. Shetty, V. N. Raju, R. K. Powitzky, and M. R. Beeram


Submandibular neck mass in a newborn

H. Skoog and D. W. Clark


Fetal ventriculomegaly and herpes encephalitis following primary maternal herpes simplex infection

J. K. Sloan, C. R. Cawyer, and N. S. Drever


Usefulness of nuclear whole-body bone scanning for diagnosis of leprosy

H. Marquez, J. McDevitt, O. K. Öz, and J. Wachsmann


Editorials and Book Review


R. Fine and J. Michel


Invited commentary: Changing the conversation at the end-of-life: How the language we use impacts surrogates’ decision-making burden

L. B. Kilpatrick


Fiftieth anniversary of the first heart transplant: The progress of American medical research, the ethical dilemmas, and Christiaan Barnard

P. A. Alivizatos


Cardiologist with a big heart: the Allen and Shelly Dollar saga

J. D. Cantwell


Book review: House Call

T. B. Gore


From the Editor 

Facts and ideas from anywhere

W. C. Roberts



Clinical research studies enrolling patients

Avocations: Poem by A. Khan

Avocations: Photograph by J. Rosenthal

Baylor Scott & White Health news

Reader comments: Facts and ideas by D. Ellis


Instructions for authors



 BUMC Proceedings Volume 30, Number 4, October 2017   


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