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Volume 30, Number 1 • January 2017

Baylor University Medical Center Proceedings

The peer-reviewed journal of Baylor Scott & White Health 


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Original Research

Repeat ablation and hospitalization following cryoballoon ablation of atrial fibrillation at a single tertiary medical center

C. East, T. Phan, G. Filardo, J. Franklin, A. Donsky, K. R. Wheelan, and R. C. Kowal


Results of repair of iliac artery aneurysms with the sandwich technique

R. A. Shutze, W. Oglesby, A. Lee, and W. P. Shutze


Interpretation of positive troponin results among patients with and without myocardial infarction

K. M. Tecson, W. Arnold, T. Barrett, R. Birkhahn, L. B. Daniels, C. DeFilippi, G. Headden, W. F. Peacock, M. Reed, A. J. Singer, J. M. Schussler, S. Smith, M. P. Than, and P. A. McCullough


Relation between proprotein convertase subtilisin/kexin type 9 and directly measured low-density lipoprotein cholesterol

K. M. Tecson, K. S. Panettiere-Kennedy, J. I. Won, P. Garg, O. Olugbode, and P. A. McCullough


Factors associated with reduced radiation exposure, cost, and technical difficulty of inferior vena cava filter placement and retrieval

M. Neill, H. W. Charles, D. Pflager, and A. R. Deipolyi


Optimizing laboratory test utilization in long-term acute care hospitals

A. Mora, B. S. Krug, A. M. Grigonis, A. Dawson, Y. Jing, and S. I. Hammerman


Inappropriate use of antibiotics in patients undergoing gynecologic surgery

J. Joyce, J. Langsjoen, C. Sharadin, T. J. Kuehl, and W. I. Larsen


Concussion knowledge among rehabilitation staff

D. Salisbury, M. Kolessar, L. Callender, and M. Bennett


Factors associated with performance in an internal medicine clerkship

C. Colbert, T. McNeal, M. Lezama, M. Chandler, L. Forrester, A. Metting, C. Mirkes, H. Van Cleave, S. Win, and J. D. Myers


Case Studies

Late presentation of fatal hyperammonemic encephalopathy after Roux-en-Y gastric bypass

A. Nagarur and A. Z. Fenves


Recurrent epiploic appendagitis mimicking appendicitis and cholecystitis

C. Lorente, C. B. Hearne, and J. Taboada


Endovascular therapy using flow diversion for giant internal carotid artery pseudoaneurysm arising in the setting of an invasive pituitary macroadenoma

A. F. Saad, A. Syed, K. B. Marashi, B. D. O’Rourke, J. H. Hise, M. J. Opatowsky, and K. F. Layton


Palmar artery aneurysm

R. A. Shutze, J. Liechty, and W. P. Shutze


Understanding vascular-type Ehlers-Danlos syndrome and avoiding vascular complications

J. Carter and A. Z. Fenves


Right atrial thrombus and its causes, complications, and therapy

M. M. Benjamin, A. Afzal, T. Chamogeorgakis, and G. A. Feghali


Inhaler syncope

R. L. Rosenthal and J. O. Franklin


ST-elevation acute myocardial infarction due to arterial thrombosis in a 29-year-old woman with normal coronary arteries

E. Male, T. Morton, A. Farber, and J. Michel


A variant of Brugada syndrome

M. P. Switzer, M. Teleb, E. Agunanne, and A. Abbas


Electrocardiogram after operation for a subarachnoid hemorrhage

D. L. Glancy





Primary spinal epidural B-lymphoblastic lymphoma

R. K. Nambiar, S. G. Nair, P. K. Prabhakaran, and S. P. Mathew


B-cell lymphoma, thiamine deficiency, and lactic acidosis

U. Masood, A. Sharma, S. Nijjar, and K. Sitaraman


Dasatinib-induced chylothorax in chronic myeloid leukemia

Z. Q. Baloch, S. A. Abbas, H. Bhatti, Y. Braver, and S. K. Ali


Blood group change in acute myeloid leukemia

R. K. Nambiar, G. Narayanan, N. P. Prakash, and K. Vijayalakshmi


Subcutaneous panniculitis-like T-cell lymphoma

M. T. Sugeeth, G. Narayanan, A. V. Jayasudha, and R. A. Nair


Focal cutaneous squamous cell carcinoma following radium-223 extravasation

K. E. Benjegerdes, S. C. Brown, and C. D. Housewright


A nodular-ulcerative form of secondary syphilis in AIDS

O. Gevorgyan, B. D. Owen, A. Balavenkataraman, and M. R. Weinstein


An approach for safe conversion of an oral endotracheal tube to a nasal endotracheal tube

M. Hofkamp and Z. Diao


Ingestion of computer circuit boards causing esophageal impaction and small bowel obstruction

N. H. Senussi and N. Saleem


Bullet fragment–induced lead arthropathy with subsequent fracture and elevated blood lead levels

S. A. McAninch, J. Adkison, R. Meyers, and M. Benham


Identification of foramen of Huschke with reversible herniation of temporomandibular joint soft tissue into the external auditory canal on multidetector computed tomography

S. Mittal, S. Singal, A. Mittal, R. Singal, and G. Jindal


Anticonvulsant hypersensitivity syndrome secondary to carbamazepine

S. C. Brown and R. L. Dauterive


Ruptured ectopic pregnancy with a negative urine pregnancy test

M. Hughes, A. Lupo, and A. Browning


Electromyogram-evoked focal myositis

A. Smith, G. Snipes, and C. Quan


Historical Studies

Henry Barton Jacobs, William Osler’s intimate friend

C. S. Bryan


A 1911 postcard of the National Hospital for the Paralysed and Epileptic highlighting European medical specialty training

A. Zubair and C. J. Boes


Editorials and Book Review

On becoming a physician

K. G. Swan


Improving health outcomes through patient education and partnerships with patients

T. E. Paterick, N. Patel, A. J. Tajik, and K. Chandrasekaran


Parliament of Whores, revisited

H. L. Fred and M. Scheid


Reflections on the retirement of John W. Hyland, MD

R. M. Solis


Torpedoed en route to France and World War I: a father’s experience

J. D. Cantwell


Book review: Howard and Georgeanna: Sixty Years of Marriage and Medicine

S. P. Marynick


From the Editor

Facts and ideas from anywhere

W. C. Roberts



Clinical research studies enrolling patients

Acknowledgment of reviewers for volume 29

Avocations: Photograph by J. L. Manning

Avocations: Photograph by R. M. Solis

Avocations: Photograph by J. Rosenthal

Avocations: Photograph by R. M. Solis

Baylor Scott & White Health news


Reader comments: Operative management of dermatofibrosarcoma protuberans of the breast by F. Saporito and P. Charalampoudis; author reply by M. Kinney and S. Knox 


 BUMC Proceedings Volume 30, Number 1, January 2017   


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