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BSWRI, TGen Collaboration

A Promising Opportunity for Advancing Cancer Research


Personalized health is the future of medicine and a focus of Baylor Scott & White Health’s mission. For several years, we have been exploring opportunities in what is known as precision medicine with the goal of developing personalized treatments tailored to a patient’s individual gene sequence. Baylor Scott & White’s progress in this area is at an exciting turning point. We have now entered into a new collaboration between Baylor Scott & White Research Institute (BSWRI) and Translational Genomics Research Institute (TGen) in Phoenix, Arizona. TGen has become a national leader in translational research of genomics and proteomics the study of the human genome and proteins to develop targeted patient therapies. Combined with the innovative work of investigators at BSWRI and their experience of bench-to-bedside research in immunology, this collaboration will bring unique treatment and preventive options to improve patient care and outcomes.


Through advanced technologies, BSWRI and TGen will analyze patients’ gene sequences to find and create areas to launch clinical trials, new medications and even preventive strategies best suited to each patient’s individual disease, initially in oncology and then infectious disease, cardiology, diabetes, neurology and metabolic disease.


Read the news release announcing the collaboration.


A paper on a trial that Baylor and TGen worked on together was named the most-cited journal article in the American Association for Cancer Research's journal  Molecular Cancer Therapeutics for 2013.

VIDEO: Baylor Scott & White Research Institute and TGen collaborate to advance the science of cancer research by giving patients greater access to liquid biopsies, gene sequencing, personalized vaccines and one-of-a-kind clinical trials.

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