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The following story, highlighting Baylor Scott & White Research Institute investigator Hideki Ueno and his newly published study on flu vaccines, appeared on the health page of the US News website today.


Scientists Report Clues to Flu Shot's Effectiveness

US News

March 13, 2013 – Flu vaccines protect people by activating white blood cells that, in turn, boost the development of antibodies to the flu, a new study suggests. The finding may lead to more effective vaccines -- especially for people whose immune system isn't robust enough to fully protect them from the flu, such as the elderly, the study authors said. "It is well known that CD4 T cells are important for the generation of antibody responses," said lead researcher Dr. Hideki Ueno, an investigator at the Baylor Institute for Immunology Research in Dallas.




Doctors, Researchers Credit Estrogen With Improving Recovery Time


May 3, 2012— North Texas doctors believe they may have found a wonder drug –– something that could help patients heal up to six times faster. Researchers at Baylor Scott & White Research Institute of Dallas are using estrogen in a groundbreaking clinical trial involving trauma patients. According to Dr. Michael Ramsay, president of BRI, the female hormone surrounds dying cells, keeps them alive, and even begins to heal them. Watch Video




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