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Getting Started

We encourage all of our collaborators to involve our group at the most earliest stages of their research projects development and planning.  We recognize, however, that this cannot always happen.  We have provided a list of items that would be helpful to bring or communicated to us prior to the first meeting or discussion in any scenario and other more specific to projects.


For All Scenarios

  • Be able to discuss your research goals and questions including any documentation that would be relevant such as protocols, previous work, publications, etc. 
  • Estimated time frame for deadlines.


Grant Support

  • Information for sample size and power calculations

o   Similar publications and publically available data

o   In-house preliminary data

o   Sample size constraints due to max funds requested

  • Contact information for additional collaborators
  • Type of funding opportunity

o   Internal/External

o   Type (RO1, U19, etc)


High Throughput Analysis Support

  • Technological format used

o   Microarray, Nanostring

o   RNAseq (and other Seq)

o   Flow Cytometry

o   Metabolomics

o   Others


  • Tissue type
  • Additional analyses needed besides traditional differential analysis

o   Correlation and network analysis

o   Gene set enrichment (What gene sets of interest?)

o   Biomarker discovery and cross validation

o   References to other approaches interested in trying

o   Other


General Clinical and Clinical Trials Support

  • Protocols, Inclusion/exclusion criterion information
  • Data storage and availability

o   Type of database (if applicable)

o   Logistics of obtaining access to database

o   Patient Information Certifications needed

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