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PM&R Curriculum

Baylor University Medical Center at Dallas’ Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation residents spend three years training in the field of physiatry. Residents rotate through a variety of specialties in hospitals and clinics throughout Baylor Health Care System. 


On inpatient rotations, residents manage up to 15 patients at a time. Responsibilities include morning rounds on the entire service with the attending physician, discharge summaries, daily progress notes, new admission work ups and patient conferences. Residents gain experience with inpatient EMGs and Botox injections. During outpatient rotations, resident responsibilities vary among attending. Residents evaluate patients and develop treatment plans.


A typical Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation rotation schedule:



  • BIR Complex Medical Management
  • BIR General
  • Consults
  • CVA
  • Neuro Outpatient
  • Outpatient 1



  • Approved Elective
  • Baylor Frisco In/Out
  • Consults
  • CVA
  • EMG
  • Outpatient 2
  • Pediatrics



  • Selective
  • Cardio Pulmonary
  • Outpatient 3
  • Outpatient 4
  • Outpatient 5
  • Pediatrics
  • Senior Inpatient


Baylor Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Residency Programs and Locations


BIR Complex Management
Baylor Institute for Rehabilitation

Leslie Porter, MD, attending physician

  • Residents gain experience in treating medically complex patients including those with debility and status-post transplant (liver, cardiac, renal, lung and bone marrow).


BIR Frisco

David Lo, MD, Marielisa Lopez, MD, and Meredith Adams, DO, attending physicians

  • Residents gain inpatient experience in the practice of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation in the suburban setting.

BIR General
Baylor Institute for Rehabilitation

Stephen Thomason, DO, attending physician

  • Residents participate in the post-op rehab care of general ortho (joint replacement and spine) and trauma patients
  • Will gain experience with inpatient EMGs.


BIR Neuro Outpatient
Baylor Rehab Dallas - Landry Center
Amy Wilson, MD, Rita Hamilton, DO, Sridevi Mukkamala, MD, and Daragh Heitzman, MD

  • Residents gain exposure managing continuing care of amputee, TBI and SCI patients.
  • They participate in multidisciplinary ALS clinic.


Cardiac Rehabilitation

Baylor All Saints Medical Center at Fort Worth, Baylor Rehab Dallas - Landry Center, BUMC

Kurt Voss, DO, and Omar Selod, DO, attending physicians

Ana Lotshaw, PT, PhD, CCS, and Tim Bilbrey, MBA, EP

  • Residents gain experience in cardiac rehabilitation including diagnoses such as myocardial infarction, stable angina, heart failure and cardiac transplantation.
  • Residents also assist in stress testing for patients entering the cardiac rehabilitation program.


Consult Level 1 Trauma

Baylor University Medical Center at Dallas

Susan Warden, MD, attending physician

  • Residents function in a consultant’s role for a variety of diagnoses including trauma, stroke and neuromuscular processes.
  • Residents gain extensive experience with complex, electrodiagnostic cases.


Baylor Institute for Rehabilitation

Helen Patel, MD, attending physician

Census: 15 to 20

  • Residents experience management of multiple types of stroke syndromes including secondary consequences such as spasticity, dysphasia and cognitive impairments.


EMG rotation
Arlington and Fort Worth
Todd Daniels, MD and Omar Selod, DO

  • Become proficient with electrodiagnostic studies in the outpatient setting


Ortho/Rheum Outpatient
Various locations

Virgil Medlock, MD,  Devesh Ramnath, MD, John Heinrich, MD, and Wassila Amari, MD

  • Various orthopedic practices including general ortho, sports medicine and spine.
  • Rheumatology clinic
  • Perform peripheral joint injections


Outpatient Care 1

Sites include Baylor Rehab Dallas - Landry Center and Baylor clinics in surrounding communities

Matt Bayazitoglu, MD, and James Lewis, MD, attending physicians

  • Residents gain experience with musculoskeletal issues including spine care, pain management, soft tissue injuries, arthritic conditions and sports injuries.
  • Significant opportunities exist for procedures such as electrodiagnostic procedures and joint/tendon injections and ultrasound procedure experience.


Outpatient Care 2

Susan Warden, MD, and Rita Hamilton, DO

Multiple locations including some non-physiatric private physician offices

Multiple attending physicians

  • Various clinics offer experience in occupational medicine, neurological rehab, wound care, amputee clinic, pain management, skilled nursing, geriatrics and real-life rehab.
  • Dedicated time for research is provided during this rotation.


Outpatient 3
Baylor University Medical Center at Dallas and Sports Medicine Clinic of North Texas

Andrew Konen, MD and Howard Moore, MD

  • Comprehensive pain management including interventional spine: cervical, thoracic and lumbar procedures
  • Ortho sports medicine, focusing on HS athletes


Outpatient 4

Baylor Waxahachie

Brite Chalunkal, DO

  • General outpatient MSK/pain management with EMG and US-guided peripheral joint injections


Outpatient 5

Baylor Rehab Dallas - Landry Center

Matt Bayazitoglu, MD

  • Interventional spine with fluoroscopy suite experience


Parkland Memorial Hospital

Multiple attending physicians

  • Various clinics offer exposure to burns, amputations, diabetic foot management, general MSK and spasticity.


Our Children’s House
Rajashree Srinivasan, MD, Susan Iannaccone, MD, and Diana Castro, MD

  • Gain experience with general pediatric rehabilitation including inpatient and outpatient management (TBI, SCI, cerebral spasticity, muscular dystrophy, etc)
  • Procedural experience with Baclofen pump refills and botulinum injections



Various locations

Multiple attending physicians

  • Offers residents an opportunity to select an educational experience that complements their interests.
  • Selective opportunities include outpatient, general inpatient, wound care and cardiac rehabilitation.


Senior Inpatient

Baylor Institute for Rehabilitation

Amy J. WiIson, MD, Department chair

Census: 10 to 15

  • Exposure to multiple diagnoses such as multi-trauma, amputation and post fracture
  • Residents experience includes residual limb care, pain management and rehabilitation of multi-trauma
  • In preparation for practice, residents are responsible for many issues often reserved for attending physicians
  • Residents attend administrative meetings

Spinal Cord Injury

Baylor Institute for Rehabilitation

Duan Chung, DO, and Seema Sikka, MD, attending physicians

Census: 15 to 25

  • Primarily patients with traumatic spinal cord injuries, as well as non-traumatic cord injuries and post-surgical back patients
  • Residents gain experience in all areas of spinal cord injury management including spasticity, neurogenic bowel/bladder, autonomic dysreflexia, wound care and mental health


Traumatic Brain Injury

Baylor Institute for Rehabilitation

Rosemary “Randi” Dubiel, DO, attending

Census: 15 to 20

  • Exposure to multiple diagnoses including traumatic brain injury, intracranial hemorrhage and intracranial infection
  • Residents gain experience in all areas of TBI management including dysphagia, spasticity management, cognitive deficiencies, heterotopic ossification and DVT

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