Pharmacy Practice Residency

The primary goal of this ASHP-accredited program is to provide specific skills and competencies that are needed to assume leadership roles within the profession. The program offers great flexibility which allows the residency to be tailored to the specific needs of the individual.

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Program Information

Thank you for your interest in Baylor University Medical Center at Dallas’ Pharmacy Practice Residency.


The PGY1 Pharmacy Residency Program at Baylor Dallas was established in 1990 to develop pharmacists for leading roles in acute care, pharmacy practice management and/or additional post-graduate training. It accommodates up to four residents and provides a wide variety of experiences designed to develop practitioners with knowledge and expertise in clinical pharmacy practice.


The program is accredited by the American Society of Health-System Pharmacists (ASHP). The program is based on the Residency Learning System (RLS) developed by ASHP and managed by the Residency Advisory Committee (RAC). The RAC closely follows the resident’s progress through the training program and provides direction when necessary. Each resident can select an advisor who will guide and mentor the resident throughout the year.


The program offers great flexibility, which allows the residency to be tailored to the specific needs of the individual resident. The program complies with the ASHP Accreditation Standards for PGY1 Pharmacy Residencies and the ASHP duty-hour requirements.


                                                   Required Areas of Training


(Duration of FOUR– FIVE weeks each

Longitudinal Experiences

(Experiences for the duration of residency)

Hospital Pharmacy Orientation

Staffing (every other weekend)

Internal Medicine 1

Drug Information (On-call program)

Internal Medicine 2 Code Blue Response
Cardiology Research
Administration Anticoagulation Clinic
Critical Care Seminar
Infectious Diseases

Teaching certificate – Provided in coordination

with University of North Texas School of Pharmacy



Elective rotations are tailored to each individual resident’s needs and desires.



               Elective Rotation Opportunities (four) – including, but not limited to                     
                                                   (Duration of FOUR weeks each)


Neonatal ICU

Bone Marrow Transplant

Emergency Medicine

Solid Organ Transplant Investigational Drug Services
Cardiovascular/Surgical/Trauma ICU Antimicrobial Stewardship



Additionally, residents will participate in numerous clinical, research, educational and administrative activities. Residents will also have opportunities to co-precept pharmacy students from multiple colleges of pharmacy.


Resident Evaluation

Prior to the start of any rotation, each resident will receive, in writing, the goals and learning expectations for that learning experience. The resident’s preceptor will provide continuous feed-back throughout the experience, as well as conduct a formal evaluation at the midpoint and end of each rotation. The resident in turn, will have the opportunity to evaluate both the preceptor and rotation for future improvement of the program. Finally, residents are taught and encouraged to perform regular self-assessment evaluations.


Our program is designed to give each resident an individualized experience based upon foundational learning objectives, as well as expanded involvement in those areas where special interests exist. The goal is to develop and augment personal leadership abilities, ensuring that the resident is prepared to meet the challenges of the future. We seek individuals with a positive attitude who aspire to be pharmacy practice leaders as their career path unfolds.


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